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Have a liquid damaged phone? Bring your phone in so we can look at it. We use the latest high- tech ultrasonic machine which gives us a greater chance of bringing the phone back to life. Before going through your cell phone carrier to replace your phone at a higher price, save your money by bringing your phone to us for repair, you’ll be glad you did!


I had the misfortune of getting water in my iPhone. The phone would not turn on, and I had a number of pictures of my mother that had recently passed away. I took my phone to Apple and they could not fix the phone but said they could sell me another phone. Unfortunately, it was not the phone I was concerned about; it was the pictures. I went to AT&T and they referred me to iRepairPlus, a new repair store off Scottsdale Rd and Frank Lloyd Wright. I spoke with Ek, who was very knowledgeable and indicated he would have to take my phone apart and clean the corrosion with a special solution. He said he would not charge me if he could not fix the problem but said he has had pretty good success in the past with water damaged devices. I left my iPhone and to my surprise, Ek called and said he was able to restore my phone to full working condition. Not only could I now view all of my pictures on my phone, he also transferred all of my pictures to my laptop for safe keeping. I would have happily paid twice the price for their service.

Karen C. Scottsdale AZ