Should I Replace My iPhone Battery

The chances are that you’ve heard about Apple phones with older batteries suffering from decreased performance. It is not unheard of for older phone batteries to be slowing down on performance, and/or holding a charge. So, if you’ve asked yourself, should I replace my iPhone battery? Then here are a few factors to consider:

Should I Replace My iPhone Battery

Should I Replace My iPhone Battery

The most critical thing to do when considering whether to replace your battery is to watch out for the most common signs of a depleting or weak battery. These include:

  • A slow charging device.
  • Your device losing charge faster than usual.
  • The phone skipping/glitching when going from screen to screen and more.
  • Your phone dying frequently and at times when it shouldn’t.

These signs may not always mean your battery is bad, they may simply be a sign that it’s time to change your battery. If you really want to know whether your battery needs replacing, go into the settings menu and navigate to the battery settings.

Digging Deep

You can go into the settings app to view your iPhone’s battery health. If your phone has passed or is approaching 500 complete charges (or 80% of its original capacity) you’re likely to see a warning message at the top of the page indicating that your battery may need to be serviced. This warning message is a common indication that you may start to experience some problems, so there’s no harm in replacing.

Using Apps

You can use apps that let you observe the frequency of your phone’s CPU. This simply refers to the speed of your phone’s processor. What you want to do is simply compare the number you see in the app to the regular number of a functioning iPhone. If your CPU is running at a much slower speed than a fully functional iPhone, then you may need to have your battery replaced with a new one. Once you replace your battery, your phone should be working as it should and your battery and phone should be good for another couple of years. 

Are You Ready to Replace Your iPhone Battery?

The battery health option exists to provide some transparency about the capacity of your battery, and whether the operating system is crippling the performance of your phone. A newer feature, low power mode can reduce power sent to your phone’s CPU when the battery is low. 

Bottom Line

As such, when you’re asking yourself should I replace my iPhone battery, consider the capacity of your battery. Check the settings and if the battery is below 80 percent, then consider having it replaced. Whether you are needing your battery replaced, or need other phone repairs done, our team here at iRepair Plus is ready to handle all your repair needs.